How To Hide Your Man Boobs Without Pain and Expensive Equipments

Published: 15th November 2009
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Passing by a man with pronounced boobs may make you take a second look or turn your head. Why? Simply because this is atypical for a man to have such feature. Others often have mistaken man with boobs for women with short hair. This is such a disgusting remark you can receive if you are a man. All because you have big boobs which is really unfair.

In the course of the existence of humans, men are associated with a more muscular and flat chest area whereas women are being looked up as a figure with elevated breast. Unfortunately there are individuals who are not women who seem to carry elevated breasts. The condition could have arisen from either gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia.

When estrogen levels in the body increases dramatically, some cells are triggered and this give rise to some physical features. An example would be the rise of formerly flat breasts in girls who have not yet reached puberty. Upon reaching puberty, estrogen levels tend to rise up and thus certain physical changes happen including enlargement of the mammary tissues. This is typical for women but if this occurs among men then this condition is now referred to as gynecomastia.

When the breast enlarges due to increased deposits of fats in the chest area then the condition is now referred to as pseudogynecomastia. Increased tissue deposits may happen if one consumes increased servings of food and tend to become obese themselves. Formerly flat chested men then will tend to develop cleavage and have elevated chests.

Men with boobs usually suffer emotionally from this condition. People would often taunt guys who are into this situation because they feel that these are not typical things. The fear then of not being accepted especially by the opposite sex completes the whole scenario of shame and disgust.

So to avoid being taunted or feel ashamed, you simply have to conceal those elevated breasts. You need not invest too much in doing this. By just having a number of tees which are not too big or too tight. You can also use dark colored shirts, also not too tight nor too big as the usual shirt preference. This will actually do the trick as it will try to divert the attention of the persons facing or seeing you from the size of your breast to the shirt that you are wearing.

Hiding your manly boobs need not be expensive. It can be as simple and as economical using the right selection of clothing to adorn your body.

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