Holistic Methods to Deal With Man Boobs or Gynecomastia

Published: 16th November 2009
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Gynecomastia, referred to man boobs, is a body condition in men where the breast increased in size. This condition affects a significant percentage of men in America alone. Though the symptoms of man boobs are not life threatening, most men with gynecomastia still feel depressed and sadden.

There are several factors that cause the development of man boobs in a man's body however the most common root cause is too much production of estrogen, female hormones. Some researches show that due to puberty the hormones in an adolescent boy are imbalance. And since there is still low production of testosterone at a young age, the effects of estrogen are not cancelled out. As a result, the boy has high possibility of having a man boobs.

The production of testosterone decreases when a man reached the age of 50 or so. This means adult men are also susceptible to this body condition. Since the testosterone and estrogen are not regulated efficiently, an adult male is more likely to develop a female's body. Fortunately, hormones can be balanced naturally.

There are too many root causes of hormonal imbalance: diet, medication, and even stress. With holistic method, the hormones can be balance naturally. One way is through avoiding high estrogen rich foods.

Typically, dairy products contain ingredients that can increase milk production. It is wise to remove dairy products in your diet even though there is still no known scientific proof that they can really affect a male breast.

The signs of man boobs can also be reverted back through regular workout. Men with man boobs have a typical reaction. They are usually under high level of stress. In few cases, due to this, the signs of man boobs are not reverted and even worsen.

The level of stress can be reduced through regular activities. With proper exercises, the energy of the body is improved and the bone mass and immunity are enhanced. One of the great ways to reduce stress is through walking at least three times weekly. Furthermore, incorporate more exercises that can target the upper body.

Aside from dairy products, also remove caffeine and soft drinks to hinder the symptoms of man boobs. Caffeine is known for elevating stress hormones, and impairing sleep and immunity. This can cause fluctuation of hormones within the body. The hormones may be normalized through drinking sufficient amount of water.

Losing Man Boobs

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