Gynecomastia in Adolescence – It's Not A Pleasant Experience

Published: 16th November 2009
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When boys reach puberty, most of them become more aware of their physical appearance. Though boys reach puberty much later than the girls, they are the ones who suffer from more emotional stress due to puberty.

It is expected that girls at their teenage years are more self-conscious than boys. An adolescent boy who has vanity in him is usually teased and considered gay. In turn, this young boy builds up more tension within him that may lead to other psychological problems.

Few adults realize that most adolescent boys also suffer due to physical change at the age of puberty. And because the society puts ideas in everyone heads that boys should not be too vain, these boys can't easily cope up with their peers. They can't interact with their peers and sometimes even their family can't understand their feelings.

Aside from acne, gynecomastia also can cause distraught to an adolescent boy. Gynecomastia is a body condition where there is an enlargement of the male's breasts. This can raise tension in a young man's mind. How come his body developing a breast? Is he a woman? How should he approach people now with his body condition? All these questions usually run into his mind.

In rare cases, adolescent boys cope up and start acting like a woman. They just accept that they have female breasts. However, since there is usually no one to comfort them, they didn't realize that most cases of gynecomastia vanish after few years.

In most adolescent boys, having female breasts is not acceptable. In extreme cases, these boys would rather die than to stay in their body. Emotional stress builds up and they can burst in any minute. Since teenage years are the most critical years of a boy's life, he will try to hide everything that might cause peer mocking and teasing.

Pubertal gynecomastia typically occurs in boys age ten to twelve. This may be due to the imbalance of testosterone and estrogen. Without treatment, gynecomastia will gradually disappear within three years. 40% of adolescent boys may be affected with gynecomastia. This means there is nothing to be conscious about.

However, if the breast size is more than 4 centimeters in diameter, the gynecomastia might not regress after three years. In this case, the boy should start treatment if he already suffers from psychological impact of gynecomastia.

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